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Thought Power Children's Book

Do you want to know why some people are scared of a sweet, tiny spider?
How come people get better after taking a fake pill?
And do you want to know why money doesn’t make you happy?
You’ll find the answers in this book.

Jess explains how you can use your thought power to feel happier and calmer.

Discover that you have thought magnets and how to use them.
How you can think happier thoughts with a thought ladder.
And get to know four people who know a LOT about thoughts: Eckhart, Esther, Katie and Marshall.

So.... Join Jess on a quest for YOUR thought power!

The book 'Thought Power' is written by Nicole Hage. Ilse van der Vliet drew the heart-warming illustrations, when she was nine years old.

Download the book (PDF-file) for free HERE.

Other Downloads

As a bonus, I have some extra downloads for you! You can download your own thought ladder,
and you can print off one of these pictures to colour in: